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How important is “user experience” to your company?


If your answer to that question is anything but “It’s the most important thing”, you should probably review your priorities. Everything your company does, every product you release, every decision you make, every interaction with a customer or prospective customer, should be based on providing the best possible user experience.

Before the internet, the old saying was, “Satisfied customers tell 2 people, dissatisfied customers tell 10 people”. That was probably accurate.  But today, the internet has made it easy for satisfied or dissatisfied customers to tell MILLIONS of people!  When you are considering a product to buy, how often do you check reviews, see how many stars the product is rated, or read blogs for more detailed information?  Studies show that the number of people researching in these ways has only grown over the last decade.  It probably makes sense that a certain element of the old adage still applies.  If you search on the internet, you’ll see good reviews and bad reviews, but it’s probably easier to find more bad reviews because people tend to be more emotional about things that upset them.

More importantly, think about your own experiences.  How many times have you decided not to engage in additional business with a company where you had a bad experience?  Was it a bad experience with a customer service rep?  Difficulty buying something on a web site?  Internet service that can’t stream your movies effectively?  It doesn’t matter what it was, if your experience was poor and you decided not to do business with a company because of it, then you will probably understand the results of a January 2015 survey about data storage management products and services conducted by IDG Research.  One result of that survey was that 83% of respondents said that improving the user experience is critical or very important, and listed it as their #1 business goal for 2015.  This industry recognizes the value of the “user experience”.

So how important is user experience to your company?

“Digital delivery lies at the heart of customer centricity.” (But customer experience is key.)

Michael Weeding

“Digital delivery lies at the heart of customer centricity.”

That statement was made by Michael Weeding of AMP Financial Services at the ADMA (Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising) Global Forum in Australia.  He went on to say:

“It’s obvious you’ll struggle as an organisation if you don’t find a way to make digital a relevant part of every piece of the customer experience. But then again, it’s not always understood exactly what you need to do.”

He was speaking about the role and positioning of his company in the financial services industry, but the message is applicable to almost every business today.  At the heart of that message is the customer experience and nothing is more important to the success of your business.  Weeding recognizes that, in our connected world, the ability to deliver, enhance and elevate the customer experience depends on digital delivery.  (Here is a link if you would like to read the article: http://bit.ly/1kUDbvg.)

He is also correct that it is not always clear what you need to do to create the best customer experience.  Often, the message gets too caught up on the mechanics or the metrics or the technology related to the customer experience.  What social media tools should we use?  How often should we be “touching” our customers?  What’s the next big thing?  Weeding offers a compelling message for his company’s future, and it’s one all companies should heed:  How can we make this the best possible experience for our customers?

I agree with him.  The customer experience is the most important consideration for every business because without the customers, where would any business be?  But I will take it a step further and say that businesses are too focused on the customer experience as it relates to bringing in new customers and not focused enough on the experience of the existing customers.  At the core of Endeavor Digital, we have always tried to make every customer interaction a strong and positive experience whether the customer is new or one that we have worked with for years.  Of course, we use tools and various strategies to bring new customers on board and to stay in touch with existing customers, but what good would it be if those customers, and prospective customers, had a less than satisfactory experience once they put their trust in us?

The message is clear.  Put your customers first.  Give them the best customer experience.  Use digital delivery as a tool to enhance that experience.  But don’t forget that your customers’ experiences are what makes your company.  Consider this:  No matter what digital tools we use, or what marketing strategies we utilize, nothing has ever been more powerful for us than a positive recommendation from an existing customer.  From our perspective, those recommendations speak more about the customer experience than anything else.

Ron Hershey, President

Endeavor Digital, Inc.